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  Bert & Ellen Panhuise

                         OUR  VISION

Psalm 40 verse 2:
He brought me up also out of a horrible pit,  out
of the miry clay, and set my feet upon a rock, and
established my goings...

This is Bert's favourite scripture since the Holy Spirit
touched him in a wonderful way in Paris, after a friend
of his was killed before his very eyes, 28 years ago.
In his distress he called upon God and God did ans-
wer his prayer !  This is how he was saved out of a
dangerous life on the edge of society...

The full gospel on television!

About 15 years ago, Bert received a burden to start
working towards more gospel broadcasting on televi-
sion. Yet he felt it should be the full gospel message:
convicting preaching and teaching with the demonstra-
tion of Spirit and power, anointed worship, etc.

He wanted to do this all the more, since in America he
saw the tremendous result of prisoners who were saved
by their exposure to the gospel via Christian Television.
Since he himself experienced the grace of being saved
from the underworld environment, by accepting Jesus as
his Saviour, he hoped to be able to reach others via te-
levision. His focus was especially on the people from the
"scene", since it is not easy to witness in the Dutch pri-
sons. For the same reason, Bert and a number of his bu-
siness associates offered to have free satellite dishes
installed on the prisons in Holland.  Unfortunately, the
Dutch government refused...
Now, the dish is no longer required since TBN Europe can
be received by cable in almost all of the Netherlands.

In 1990 Bert founded "Charisma TV" in which all organisa-
tions of Full Gospel and Pentecostal churches in Holland
were represented.  A request for broadcasting time was
filed with the Dutch Media Board so the Dutch Pentecos-
tal movement would be able to make use of the  Public
Broadcasting System (both on radio as well as on televi-
sion). Unfortunately the request was denied with the ar-
gument  "that the applicant's views  did not sufficiently
differ from those of the established Evangelische Omroep
(Evangelical Broadcasting Organisation) to warrant broad-
casting rights".  On the day that the Pentecostal move-
ment was denied access to the public broadcasting sys-
tem, the Muslims and the Hindus did receive air time...
Indirectly, the procedure resulted in something good. Due
to the fact  that Bert talked to the director of IKON (tra-
ditional churches), who agreed that the Pentecostal mo-
vement  should  be given the right to broadcast in the
Netherlands, a number of large Pentecostal churches re-
ceived time slots via the so-called "Broadcasting Arrange-
ment for Churches" (ZvK).

1991: Shortly after Benny Hinn's first visit to the Nether-
lands in the Amsterdam Sports Arena, a number of lea-
ders met as it was evident that there was a need in the
Netherlands to hold a major Charismatic conference, e-
ven on an annual basis. When they could not agree a-
bout which speakers should be invited, Bert continued
the planning with a number of pastors, since he saw this
as an opportunity of making budget  television shows
with good international speakers and musicians.  And in
May 1992  the first Eurospirit conference was held in Am-

In 1993 there was an opening  (after a prophetic word by
dr. Bill Hamon) to broadcast a weekly television program
on Super Channel (now National Geographic).  By cable
they reached 54 million homes all over Europe. In Holland
over 70% of the houses were able to receive the program
by cable. For the first time in history Pentecostal/Char-
rismatic programs could be watched on TV in the Nether-
Yet the costs were high: over 600.000 guilders (300.000
US dollars) for 52 weeks. Nonetheless, there were seve-
ral hundreds of positive responses to the shows. In the
beginning there were not many partners who supported
the work and funding came through donations made by
the Kitchen firm of Bert and Ellen, and partly through lea-
sing air time to TBN;  to the "Kom en Zie" church in  Rot-
terdam; to Jorge Tadeu's church in Portugal and others.
After more than a year, all Christian programming was
stopped by Super Channel,  since they were taken over
by NBC.  Evangelical programs were admitted again on
Sunday mornings,  when the station was later taken
over by National Geographic Channel.

Two years later, Eurospirit received a weekly time slot
(early in the morning) on God Channel. And since 2002
there is a weekly Eurospirit program on TBN Europe, each
Sunday night at 8:30 PM.  Since february 2005, Eurospirit
programs air also regularly (by cable) in 22 cities in Esto-
nia, with subtitling in Estonian and Russian.  The vision
for this year is to initially realise Dutch subtitling for mo-
programs on TBN Europe. Eventually, the intention is to
obtain our own studio facilities, so daily Dutch programs
can be produced. This can be done because of the faith-
ful support of the Eurospirit partners !


After they married, Bert and Ellen started a wind-
surf and sailingschool at the French Island Corsica.
Later they became the owners of a Kitchen firm.
Bert is president of Eurospirit and also he is the
representative of TBN in the Netherlands.  and

                    Bert was European
                champion windsurfing in 1983
              Bert in action, French Corsica

Bert is also the original inventor of kite surfing.

Robby Naish
Article from:
The idea of being propeled along the water by a kite has actually been around for quite some time. In fact, kite sailing was actually a commonly used means of land and water transportation in China and Polynesia in the 13th and 14th centuries. However, the sport of kite surfing is relatively new, with its official, legal beginning occurring in the late seventies. In October 1977, Gijsbertus Adrianus Panhuise of the Netherlands received the first patent for the sport. The patent specifically covered a "water sport" using a "floating board" of a "surf board type" where a pilot standing upon it is pulled by a "wind catching device" of a "parachute type" tied to his harness on a "trapeze type belt." Although this patent did not result in any significant commercial or recreational interest, Mr. Panhuise can still be considered the originator of kite surfing. His idea was expanded in the early 1980's when Arnaud de Rosnay of France used a windsurfing board and kite, instead of a sail, to cross the English Channel. 

In October 1977 Gijsbertus Adrianus Panhuise (Netherlands) gets the first patent NL07603691 for our sport.  The patent cover specifically a water sport using a floating board of a surf board type where a pilot standing up on it is pulled by a wind catching device of a parachute type tied to his harness on a trapeze type belt.  Although this patent did not result in any commercial interest, Gijsbertus Adrianus Panhuise could be considered as the originator of KiteSurfing.
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